Scandia Camp Mendocino
About the Camp

Scandia Camp Mendocino takes place in the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands. Giant redwoods, a sunny meadow, a beaver pond, and numerous paths through the woods surround the village-like setting. The camp is approximately ten miles inland from the picturesque town of Mendocino, and about a four-hour drive north of San Francisco. The climate is mild.

Visitors and pets are not permitted.

Rustic cabins are clustered in three groups, each with a central bathroom and shower building with electricity and plenty of hot water. Each cabin has a balcony and a fireplace with firewood available, 4 single beds, a closet and windows, but no plumbing or electricity. One couple or 3-4 individuals are housed in each cabin.

Our camp has a reputation for wonderful food! Count on three nutritious meals a day plus between-meal snacks, with fresh vegetables and fruits, choice meat and fresh fish. Vegetarians can be accommodated. Some meals feature Scandinavian menus, while others are developed by our chef and may include other ethnic foods.

A new floor was installed in the dance hall in 2008. The porch on the side of the dance hall was remodeled. The management of the Woodlands is now concentrating on preserving the buildings. Years of putting nails, hooks and thumbtacks in the walls of the buildings are taking a toll on the structural integrity of the buildings. We will no longer be able to put nails or hooks into the walls. This is true for the lounge, dining hall, dance hall and cabins. We are working with the Woodlands to come up with alternative methods of hanging decorations. For now, we will be able to use whatever nails are currently in the walls.

We all need to be extra aware of how the camp is treated. With all of the restoration work in progress, we need to make and/or renew our commitment to preserving what remains of the original buildings at the Woodlands. The Woodlands staff will no longer be able to tolerate ANY staples, tacks, nails, tape or other methods that cause irreparable damage to the buildings. It may not seem like much, but over time, this practice of putting up notices, posters or decorations will completely destroy the underlying wooden structure. The Woodlands staff will look for offending practices and materials. They will be instructed to remove all items that are improperly affixed and groups will be charged for time and damages.

We invite you to take a few moments to read a short history of the Mendocino Woodlands. This very unique and well-loved camp is in a special redwood forest with historic buildings and a wealth of flora and fauna.