Scandia Camp Mendocino
Astrid Garmo

Astrid Garmo hails from Garmo in Gudbrandsdalen, a village with a long and complex fiddle tradition. She began playing fiddle at a young age and has been taught by such players as Rolv Brimi, Bjørn Odde, Knut Kjøk and Kristin Kolden. Astrid is also skilled on the Hardanger Fiddle and loves to sing. She studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, where she focused on the Hardanger Fiddle traditions from Valdres, Hallingdal and Telemark. Alongside her study of traditional music, she has taken interest in improvisation and contemporary music, participating in a number of projects fusing her own music with jazz and pop.

Astrid will be teaching the Norwegian Fiddle class, the Singing class, and one of the Hardanger Fiddle classes.