Scandia Camp Mendocino
Bengt Jonsson

Bengt Jonsson has been playing fiddle since he was very young. He is sought after as a dance fiddler.  Bengt’s band, Jonssonlinjen, plays regularly for the Polskecirkusen, a dance group that he organized in his home region of Hälsingland Sweden. He has also played for the annual Hälsinge Hambo Contest and the Polska Medal Testing. Bengt currently leads the Bollnäsbygdens Spelmanslag. Bengt is also well versed in the music of Dalarna..

In 2000, Bengt became a Riksspelman (National Musician) on cow horn when he was awarded the Silver Zorn Badge for his playing.  Bengt is also the director for Norrlandia Camp, a Swedish folk dance and music camp in Hälsingland, Sweden for participants from around the world.

Bengt will be teaching Swedish Fiddle and Cow Horn classes.