Scandia Camp Mendocino
Britt-Mari Westholm Dahlgren & Eric Dahlgren

Britt-Mari Westholm Dahlgren and Eric Dahlgren from Dalarna County in Sweden will teach a selection of dances from the Dalarna area.

Britt-Mari Westholm Dahlgren started dancing in the early 1980s as part of Hörrkens bygdedansare (Hörrken’s Village Dancers). After earning her Big Silver Polska Badge in 1986, she started teaching together with the group’s founder, Kalle Strandel. She has been a judge in Hälsingehambon and other dance competitions since 1992. Britt-Mari has taught in Japan several times and a number of other countries in addition to teaching extensively in Sweden. She enjoys helping to preserve the dances and helping students become better dancers.

Eric Dahlgren obtained his Big Silver medal in 2002 and has been teaching extensively with Britt-Mari since 2004. He brings joy to the dance floor and has clear explanations of how to work together as partners in a dance.

Eric and Britt-Mari are known for their beautiful dancing, clear teaching style and delightful sense of humor. They will be teaching the Swedish Dance class.