Scandia Camp Mendocino
Øyvind Sandum, Karin Brandsbol, Ida Bjørgen Røstad

Øyvind Sandum was born in 1982 in Lalm, a small village in the Otta Valley (Ottadalen) of Gudbrandsdal. Øyvind plays many styles of accordion and is also well known as a folk dancer, specializing in the springleik. He is educated as a teacher and now he works at the Aune Primary School in Oppdal.

Karin Brandsbol was born in Värmland, Sweden, and grew up in a family who loved to dance and play music. Thus, music and dance are an integral part of many facets of Karin’s life - her education, work and leisure time.   While focusing on the Värmland traditions, she came into contact with people in the music and dance community from Vågå. In 2005, she moved to Norway, and through meeting Øyvind Sandum and Ida Bjørgen Røstad she has had the opportunity to learn more about the music and dance from this storied part of Norway.

Øyvind and Karin will teach the Norwegian Dance classes and Ida Bjørgen Røstad will play music for the class.

Ida Bjørgen Røstad was born in Lom in the Gudbrandsdalen area of Norway in 1973. She grew up in a family with a lot of singing and music, and started playing the fiddle when she was eight years old. She plays traditional music from Gudbrandsdalen. Ida works as a teacher at Aune Primary School in Oppdal.

Ida will be playing for the Norwegian Dance class.