Scandia Camp Mendocino
Petrus Dillner

Petrus Dillner grew up in Sweden in the small village of Marma in northern Uppland, where he started playing the nyckelharpa at the age of eight.  He had Leif Alpsjö as a teacher, a well-known bearer of the music traditions from Northern Upland both on fiddle and nyckelharpa.  In 2013, at the age of 17, Petrus was recognized as a Rikspelman (National Musician) when he was awarded the Silver Zorn Badge “for his awareness of the tradition and his brilliant way of playing”.

After studying Nordic folk music at The Royal College of Music, Danish National Academy of Music, Sibelius Academy, Ole Bull Akademiet and additionally at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Petrus has become adept at a broad spectrum of musical styles.  He excels in the traditional music and is also experimenting with the nyckelharpa to broaden the genre and to find new forms of expression on the instrument.

Petrus has extensive experience teaching. Petrus currently plays in two bands: Trio Törn, who released their album ‘Debut’ in 2018, and Northern Resonance, whose debut album was nominated for a Swedish Grammy during the Spring of 2021.

Petrus will teach the Nyckelharpa classes.