Welcome to Scandia Camp Mendocino
We are excited to announce:
Scandia Camp Mendocino 2024 will take place June 8-15.
Camp includes the following classes and more:
  • Dance classes with our Scandinavian guest teachers
  • Dances often found at Scandinavian dance events and parties
  • Social, changing partners dances
  • Classes focusing on Hambo, waltzing, and your requests
  • Regular fiddle focusing on the music from Scandinavia
  • Regular fiddle for newer Scandinavian musicians
  • Hardanger fiddle, the Norwegian fiddle with under-strings
  • Nyckelharpa, a keyed-fiddle with sympathetic strings, is the national instrument of Sweden
  • Group playing: Allspel in Swedish and Samspel in Norwegian, focusing on dance music. All instruments are welcome.
  • Singing
  • Note: All first-time attendees receive a $75 discount.
  • Three types of scholarships available. (Work scholarship, Scandia Camp Mendocino and Nancy Linscott scholarships.
  • Use the Scholarship button on the left for more information ).
Our Covid Policy is TBD for summer 2024.
Come learn more about the richness of
Norway and Sweden's dance, music and cultural traditions at
Scandia Camp Mendocino 2024, June 8-15.

Scandia Camp Mendocino 2023 took place in person
and featured the dance and music from
Hallingdal in Norway and Föllinge in Sweden.
Last modified: 24 November 2023
The mission of Scandia Camp Mendocino is to provide culturally unique enriching opportunities
to learn about and actively experience the dance, music and cultural traditions
of Scandinavia (primarily Norway and Sweden) in a welcoming community.