Scandia Camp Mendocino

Scandia Camp Mendocino is a week-long camp focusing on the folk dance, music, and culture of Scandinavia, especially Norway and Sweden. Some of Scandinavia's most distinguished dancers and musicians are coming to share with us their cultural expertise and infectious love of their dance and music traditions. Dancers and musicians of all levels are welcome. Plan now to join us.


We will explore and experience these rich and varied dance and music traditions.

All events are designed for both newer and more experienced Scandinavian dancers and musicians. We change partners frequently during classes and we encourage partner changing during parties. Musicians should have at least one year of experience, though not necessarily with Scandinavian music. Musicians are encouraged to bring a recording device, as tunes are taught by ear.

  • Daytime activities include classes in dance, music, singing, folklore, practice sessions, and opportunities to enjoy the woodlands. Free time is scheduled in the late afternoon.
  • Evenings include music and social activities before dinner, after-dinner concerts, and Scandinavian dance parties with live music by our staff and student musicians. The parties offer a chance to enjoy the great variety of Scandinavian dance and music.
  • Scandinavian Dance Fundamentals will introduce newer dancers to the fundamental skills of successful turning dancing and partnering. More experienced dancers will have an opportunity to sharpen their skills.